In the transport segment, we offer customer-oriented products for specific and complex purposes. With our knowledge and competencies in manufacturing parts for food and chemical transport and parts of buses and submarines.

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Case study: Saving weight in the transport industry


Weight reduction and fuel savings are important topics in the transport industry. For us, the challenge is to make weight reduction possible while at the same time taking costs and noise reduction into account.

The requirements from the transport world:

  • Product simplifications
  • Quality assurance
  • Weight reduction
  • Low product costs
  • Sound reduction


We co-develop with the client on projects to find applications for composite products in the field of weight reduction. Our engineers will come with suggestions for simplifications, manufacturability and quality assurance. At the same time, we continuously invest in our factory to be able to produce products more cost-efficient, faster and better.


Our weight saving in the end product results in 7% fuel reduction. With increasing fuel prices and stricter environmental requirements, this is a great result for our customers.