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Case study: Pick & Place Robot Arms


Picking up and placing small electrical components at higher speeds that the use of conventional material no longer satisfies.

The requirements of the semiconductor industry:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • High damping and stiffness properties
  • Minimal particle contamination
  • Long lifespan


There are multiple challenges involved in the semiconductor industry. With our expertise in development, material knowledge, finite element method (FEM) simulations and prototyping, we are able to manufacture the part in carbon composite together with the customer.

We have developed (patented) solutions for:

  • Improved damping
  • Particle-free solutions
  • Inserts and mechanical interfaces
  • Vacuum channels
  • Cleaning & packaging


  • Weight reduction
  • Up to 4x higher cycle times with respect to aluminum (up to 25.000 vs 6.000) 
  • Problem-free inserts tested up to 6M cycles
  • Suitable as a direct air bearing surface
  • Low particle contaminants, even after collisions
  • Carbon leaf springs with proven service life > 500,000 cycles