The origin of VDL Fibertech Industries lies with the Dutch multinational Philips. On 1st of January 2011, we became part of the VDL Groep, where we continued as an independent operating company under the name: VDL Fibertech Industries.

Because of the rich history and accumulating experience in composites, VDL Fibertech Industries is even better able to offer lightweight and high-end solutions.


1929 Philips Philitefabriek established

1967Philips Philitefabriek merged together with Philips Metaalwarenfabriek under the name Philite- en Metaalwarenfabriek, later on Plastics- en Metaalwarenfabriek (PMF)

1973Philips Liquid Resin Systems (LRS), part of PMF, established

1994LRS merged together with Philips Enabling Technology Group (ETG)

2004LRS became part of Philips Medical Systems

2011LRS renamed to VDL Fibertech Industries and part of VDL Groep

2017Relocation of VDL Fibertech Industries to new premises in Hapert

Old-fashioned construction of a mold

Philips Liquid Resin Systems, Best