The correct and timely diagnosis of a patient is vital in the medical world. We have knowledge and experience in manufacturing parts for medical applications. In consultation with our customer, we can help with design improvements for better imaging performances that enables customers to achieve higher quality and more reliable imaging.

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Case study: Medical Table Tops


Offer unprecedented stiffness, combined with features that ensure perfect hospital imaging.

The requirements from the medical world:

  • Materials that do not disrupt clinical imaging
  • Sufficient stiffness and minimal bending to carry patients
  • Biocompatibility
  • Quality assurance


With our experts in house, we know which designs and materials are perfect for our customers. We then produce a composite product entirely in house that meets the customer's wishes. We also offer 100% X-Ray inspection for absorption and homogeneity


  • 100% X-Ray permeability
  • High durability
  • High quality and reliable imaging
  • Biocompatibility
MRI Table Tops and X-Ray Table Tops: Cardio/Neuro/Angio, URF, RAD, Litho, Trolley:
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X-Ray composite accessories:

Medical grade carbon plates & sandwiches: Mammography, Grids, Ionisation chambers: 
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