New Cannon PUR injection installation
Overview of the renewed PUR machine park.

New Cannon PUR injection installation

10 februari 2021

To achieve higher quality for polyurethane (PUR) parts, VDL Fibertech Industries further innovates their reaction injection molding (RIM) machine park.

PUR is an extremely versatile type of plastic and used for many applications. It is for example known for its high abrasion resistance and impact strength, and low-temperature flexibility. Since the early 80’s, we specialize in non-flexible PUR parts using a RIM installation.

The machine is supplied by Cannon Plastec, one of the market leaders in plastic processing technologies. In addition we make use of their patented FPL high pressure mixing head. With this new installation, we are able to serve our customers better. We have for instance more advanced data logging, higher accuracy mixing ratio, and require less maintenance.

Our machine park contains 4 presses which are controlled by a single Cannon machine. Depending on the PUR types, the parts can for instance weigh as much as 25 kg. Our largest press area is 1.2 x 0.9 m. Series size is easily scalable to tens of thousands or more.

Do you need high quality housings, machine enclosures, and panels for a competitive price? We look forward to discuss your inquiry, please contact us via e-mail or contact form.

 The beating heart of the whole PUR machine park.

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