Cobots integration from Doosan Robotics
First impression of the cobot

Cobots integration from Doosan Robotics

7 april 2021

With the introduction of the first collaborative robot (cobot) from Doosan Robotics, we are exploring the possibilities of integrating cobots in our production processes.

The cobots will help us in automating highly repetitive and critical production processes to obtain a higher product quality. With our first cobot, we plan to automate the kitting process for one of our medical products. The goal is to improve the product quality by minimizing human errors.

A cobot differs from a regular robot by means of human interaction: it does not require a fence when operating.  The collaboration between cobots and humans can be defined by four levels: Co-existence (no shared workplace), sequential collaboration (same workplace, sequential tasks on a part), cooperation (working on same task), and responsive collaboration (cobot respond to movement of human).

Our first cobot is type M0617 that is capable for a 6 kg payload, 1700 mm reach, and +/- 0.1mm repeatability. Programming and managing applications is made easier with the Teach Pendant and Workcell Manager.

This is just the beginning for us to integrate innovations in our production. We expect to receive our second Doosan cobot in the near future, which we plan to use for improving the surface finish and deploy it for multiple production processes.


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