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Acrosoma® Panels

VDL Fibertech Industries recently offers her customers Acrosoma® panels. These panels are 3 to 6 times as light as steel plates and even 2 to 4 times as light as the standard sandwich technology

Normal sandwich panels delaminate under a high pressure. This means that the foam core gets loose from the outer fibreglass layers. This makes it that normal sandwich panels are not useable in situations with high pressure.

Acrosoma® panels are build in such a way that they do not delaminate at all. This makes it that the applications of Acrosoma® panels are much broader than those of standard sandwich panels. The picture below shows our Acrosoma® panels.

Acrosoma was born in 1993 where it was started from a 130 years old trailer building company. The main focus of the company was the structural application of new composite sandwich technologies. Because of this Acrosoma offers a whole new world of applications: transport, aerospace, wind turbine rotor blades, special containers and covers. The name Acrosoma lives on as the product name for the unique Acrosoma® sandwich panels and technology.

A list of benefits of the Acrosoma® panels:

- Strong power to weight ratio

- Excellent isolation

- Constant quality because of constant and continuous production

- High impact resistance

- Durable and repairable

- No delimitation

Interested in Acrosoma® panels?

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