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Which markets benefit from our composite products?

Fibre-reinforced synthetics, also called composites, are suited for a wide and ever growing amount of appliances because of their unique characteristics. We are amongst other things mainly active within the Healthcare, Semiconductor, Defence, Automotive and Aerospace markets.

-         Aerospace

Weight reduction, FST demands and cost efficiency are very important

Acrosoma® panels: the ideal solution for all of these demands

-         Automotive

Save 1000 kilos on a vehicle of 10.000 kilos and win 7 per cent fuel reduction.

Home in weight reduction and cost efficient composite solutions

Taking into account the acoustic-, isolation- and safety aspects.

- Containers

VDL Fibertech Industries composite containers offer 1000kg weight reduction

ROI within 3,5 years 

-         Defence

Extremely shock and impact resistant

Acrosoma® panels: durable, strong and weight saving sandwich technology

-         Medical

Table Tops en accessories for  X-Ray, CT en MRI

High transparency and maximum homogeneity for Rontgen imaging.

Minimum proton signal for MRI

Guaranteed safe, checked and with a stable highest quality

-         Semiconductors

Extremely strong and stiff at lowest weight.

Solutions for particle contamination

Cleanroom production




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