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Production: (VA) – RTM, Hot pressing and (S)RIM

RTM is the process where two resins polymerise in a mould. Our different RTM stations make is possible to inject in dimensions up to 2 x 4 meters.

The benefits of RTM

 The benefits of RTM      

 What does it bring you? 

 Product surface will be fully defined during pressing

 Low finishing costs and beautiful quality

 Large mould freedom and high fibre-volume (up to 60%)

 Ultimate mechanic properties

 Constant & Reproducible

 Low dropout rate and suited for advanced applications

 Continuous innovative industrialisation 

 Cost savings, higher tool capacity

 Closed mould technique 

 Barely any emissions and operator friendly


VA-RTM works based on injection under vacuum and is therefore mainly suited for larger mould parts ( up to 3 x 5 meters ).

The benefits of VA-RTM are the cheaper moulds and the larger flexibility.


We offer a wide range of hot press possibilities..

Producing composites via hot press offers:

- Both solid and sandwich

- different fibres and thicknesses (starting from 0.2 mm)

- fast and with low costs

- Starting from small ( 5 x 5 cm ) up to large sizes ( 1 x 3 meters )


Favourable ratio of costs versus properties: (S)RIM

Polyurethane, as thermo setter compared with most thermoplastics, barely does not soften at high temperatures

VDL Fibertech Industries works with both solid (Baydur 110 FR) as integral foam (Baydur 60 FR). With solid foam we are able to produce products up to 5 kg and 1 m2; with integral foam this is up to 12 kg and >1 m2.

 The benefits of (S)RIM      

  What does dit bring you? 

  < 1% shrinkage

  No sink marks and paintable surface 

  Large transition from fat-/flat walling possible

  Design freedom

  2 Minute-process cycles

  Cheap production process

  Fibre reinforced possible (SRIM) 

  Extremely high impact resistance 

  Aluminium moulds possible 

  Low mould costs


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