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The power of co-creation

The power of co-creation and state-of-the-art composite production technologies

State of the Art and co-development. The number of different types of composite technologies are enormous, and also quickly changing. Therefore it is of great importance that we find the perfect mix of materials that fits your needs. This process asks for both a good cooperation in an early stage of development, as for the availability of the latest materials and production techniques. VDL Fibertech Industries works on project base and uses the latest software (Pro-Engineer, Abaqus (FEM for composites) and Winchill) supported by an up-to-date Q-Lab (Nikon Laser Radar, X-Ray NDT, 3D CMM, Instron pullbench and a Brookfield viscosity meter).

In order to not only keep up with the innovation but also force breakthroughs in composite technologies ourselves, VDL Fibertech Industries is continuously searching for improvements for its products and production technologies. To do this, collaborations are of great importance. VDL Fibertech Industries collaborates (amongst others) with:




Other plastic technologies within VDL Group

VDL Fibertech Industries focuses itself on fiber reinforced plastics. This only takes up a small part of the very broad plastics industry. Therefore we would like to mention other VDL companies that are active within the plastics industry. 

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