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Product solutions for the semiconductor market

Carbon composites offer enormous specific stiffness and strength. The unique dampning capabilities of VDL Fibertech Industries’ carbon is therefore perfectly suited for critical machine parts in semiconductor systems. Building on numerous years of experience, knowledge and collaboration with knowledge institutes we offer you:

  1. Carbon End-effector
  2. Carbon Beams
  3. Carbon Pick & Place Arms

Technological building stones 

Not only strength, stiffness and mass are important for applying carbon in semiconductor machines. Crash-robustness, particle generation and mechanical interface are frequent barriers. On numerous of these fields VDL Fibertech Industries has developed patented solutions:

  1. Maximum dampning
  2. Particle free solutions
  3. Inserts and mechanical interfaces
  4. Vaccuum channels
  5. Cleaning & Packaging

This all is supported by our own quality lab and FEM simulation. 

Together with the customer look at the demands for strength and placing accuracy but also take the product- and tooling costs into account


The final added value in the semiconductor market:

- 4x higher positioning cycle speed compared with aluminium solutions

- Carbon springs with a proven product lifetime of > 500.000 cycles

- Arms and structural parts – problem free inserts

- lower particle contamination  





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